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NADJANI is a premium high quality clothing line from Indonesia for woman with an unique distinctive style and design. NADJANI clothes are made with materials that comfortable to wear and they usually play with unusual patterns, combined with a variety of colors, textures and prints to produce the very best in terms of uniqueness, modern, sophistication and elegant modest wear. NADJANI is very suitable for Moslem woman that are active and energetic and want to look different than the rest. They strive to maintain a balance between current trends, comfort and practicality without compromising on beliefs.

In 2010, NADJANI began to produce t-shirt for Moslem woman. To make it look cool and stylish, NADJANI researched for a wide range of different designs and cutting. With a strong focus on every details, NADJANI offers a strong character for each of their products. They also selected high quality materials that would make their customers not only look outstanding but also comfortable and confident as well. The other uniqueness of NADJANI’s product is in its asymmetric design and layers variability. There isn’t any identical colors for each of their design because in every piece of cloths they choose for their hijab line has many varieties of colors so that the customers can choose which color and product that really describes themselves.